How To Root OnePlus 3T And Install TWRP Recovery

OnePlus is known for launching Flagship killers and this time OnePlus came with a variant of One Plus 3 known as One Plus 3T and OnePlus always known to release developer friendly phones  which has easy to unlock boot loader and thus installing TWRP Recovery and thus rooting OnePlus 3T.So in this article we will be talking about how to root OnePlus 3T.

Rooting is the technique used to remove restrictions imposed by manufacturers thus giving you more control over your Android phone.Rooting has advantages as well as disadvantages and that is why you need to know everything before you root your Android Phone.Rooting your OnePlus 3T can increase your device performance and you can also install custom apps or custom ROM that was not possible before you rooted your device but rooting also carries the risk of your phone getting bricked.

How To Root OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3 root process involves three steps,first we will unlock the bootloader then install the TWRP recovery and then root OnePlus 3T,After the installation of TWRP recovery we will root OnePlus 3T using SuperSU.

Warning-If your Device gets bricked while this rooting process we will not be held responsible for it.

Safety Measures To Follow Before Rooting OnePlus 3T

  1. Charge Your Phone to a minimum of 80% so that it doesn’t run out of battery.
  2. Close all the running apps on your OnePlus 3T.
  3. Enable Usb-Debugging on your device.
  4. Backup all your contacts,apps and files because all will be wiped out.

Files To Download Before Rooting OnePlus 3T

  1. Download ADB and Fastboot drivers.
  2. Download TWRP recovery.
  3. Download DM verity and encryption disabler.
  4. Download SuperSu.

How To Unlock Bootloader In OnePlus 3T

  1. Now open the ADB folder.
  2. Now hold shift in the windows and press right-click anywhere in that windows to open the ADB command window.
  3. Now connect your phone to Pc using the Usb cable.
  4. Now reboot your device into fastboot by typing “adb reboot bootloader” in the ADB command window.
  5. Now check if your device is detected or not by typing “fastboot devices” in the command window.
  6. If your device returns your serial number it means your device is connected.
  7. Now that your device is detected now you can unlock your bootloader by typing “fastboot oem unlock”.

Now your bootloader is unlocked and your device will automatically reboot and this process will completely wipe all the data on your device so as told earlier backup all your data.If your device asks for bootloader permission after the reboot accept it.

Now that we have unlocked the bootloader its time to install TWRP recovery and then root OnePlus 3T.

How To Install TWRP Recovery On OnePlus 3T

  1. Copy the TWRP Recovery Img file in ADB folder.
  2. Now rename your TWRP recovery img into just recovery.img.
  3. Now type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” in command window and press enter.
  4. It will install TWRP recovery in OnePlus 3T.
  5. Now type “fastboot recovery.img” into the command window to boot into recovery mode of TWRP.
  6. If TWRP opens than you have successfully installed TWRP recovery in OnePlus 3T.

How To Root OnePlus 3T

  1. Go to TWRP recovery mode by pressing Volume Up+Power button.
  2. Now if asked select the language and selcect”Never show it again”.
  3. Now on your computer select the no verity opt encrypt zip and move it your phone sd card and then flash it.
  4. Now head to “wipe” section and then choose “Format” and then “yes”.
  5. Now tap the install button and then select the SuperSu file from your device.
  6. Now flash the SuperSU file and its done!

Now you know how to root OnePlus 3T and install TWRP recovery,if you are facing any problems or have any question you want answered feel free to leave a comment and we will be there to help you as soon as possible.Thanks!

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