How To Root Xiaomi Mi4 Easily

Xiaomi has been launching one device after another in the Indian market and Mi4 is one of their latest flagship devices.Mi4 as the successor of Xiaomi Mi3 has outperformed many high-end Android devices out there and is very popular among the Android user community.Mi4 is powered by a 3080mAh batters and runs on 2.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and now you can even update your Xiaomi Mi4 to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

Xiaomi Mi4 is a mid price range phone with high-end features but still due to the restrictions imposed by the developers and the manufacturer the things we can do with the device is limited and that’s why today we are going to discuss how to root Xiaomi Mi4 easily in least time possible.Rooting Mi4 will give you access to many features you couldn’t have had without rooting the device.After rooting your Mi4 you can install custom ROM,Custom Apps and themes,increase the size of your RAM and many more features.

How To Root XIaomi Mi4

So without wasting any more time let’s see how we can root Xiaomi Mi4 and in further articles we will also explain how to unroot Xiaomi Mi4 if you are facing any problems after rooting or if you are dissatisfied.Rooting has advantages as well as disadvantages so you need to know what can go wrong before actually rooting the device so that you aren’t left with an bricked device.You can read the advantages and disadvantages of rooting and also read top 5 root apps for android phones.

Safety Measures To Follow Before Rooting Mi4

  1. Charge your device upto a minimum of 70% so that the battery doesn’t go out while rooting.
  2. Backup all your Apps,Themes,Contacts and Media.
  3. Enable Usb Debugging in your device.

How To Root Xiaomi Mi4 Easily:-

  1. Download Official Developer ROM and rename it to update.zip
  2. Now connect your device to your Pc using the Usb Cable and then move the update.zip file to your SD Card.
  3. Now browse your apps and open the Updater App and and then press the Menu button and then select the update package.
  4. Now browse in your SD Card and choose the update.zip file and hit the install button.
  5. Now as soon as the update completes select “Reboot Now” to enter the new system.
  6. Now open the security app in your Mi4 and click on Permissions and then enable the Root Permission to enable the root Access in your Xiaomi Mi4.
  7. Now you have gained root access in your device and now you are ready to customize it however you want.

Now you know How To Root Xioami Mi4 and if you have any questions or having difficulty while rooting your Xiaomi Mi4 feel free to ask in comments and we will be there to help you as soon as possible.Have a good day!

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