Top 5 Root Apps For Android Phones

Rooting has become an essential part of Android devices these and almost all of the Android devices are being rooted these days as rooting your device allows you to attain privileged control over Android Subsystem and administrative access which you can use to gain control over your device.

Rooting comes with many benefits and opens door of opportunities for your Android device.After rooting your device you can install many apps which were earlier forbidden by the manufacturer because of some problem,install custom rom and apps,access blocked features,improve your device performance,preserve or increase your Battery performance and many more.

Rooting lets you take full advantage of your device may it be a Phone or a Tablet,with some simple steps you can get most out of your device with minimum or no risk.Now you must be wondering how you can root your Android device to get access to these features and that’s where we come in the picture.We will help you root your device and help you with any thing you need and that’s why today we are here with some of the best or say Top 5 Root Apps For Android.

Top 5 Root Apps For Android Phones:-

1) SuperSu

Top 5 Root Apps
Android app on Google Play

SuperSu by Chainfire is one of  the most recommended apps for any rooted device and is the first app that comes to people’s mind after they root the device.SuperSu automatically forces apps to ask for permissions to establish root privileges.Thus granting the apps to have root access and thus performing wider variety of tasks.SuperSu supprots all the Android devices and is frequently updated.

2) Titanium Backup

Top 5 Root Apps
Android app on Google Play
Using Titanium Backup you can back up,restore and freeze your apps or data and material links including system apps,protected apps,external data on your SD card etc.Titanium Backup has more than 18 Million downloads making it one of the most used apps on rooted devices.

Titanium Backup is available as free on Play Store and you can even go for the Pro version of Titanium Backup with some more features.So if you have just rooted your device this is the app you should go for as this is a must have app.

3) Flashify

Root Apps

Android app on Google Play
With something over million downloads on Play Store Flashify became our root app of the week and thus making its place here in the Top 5 Root Apps For Android Phones.Using Flashify you can flash your boot image,recovery image and zip files.You can also backup your data either on a local storage or cloud storage using automatic sync! Flashify supports all the devices and is frequently updated.

4) Greenify

Top 5 Root Apps
Android app on Google Play

Greenify is personal favourite for many of the Android users as you can use this app on a rooted Android device as well as a normal Android device that has not been rooted yet.Greenify saves your resources by quickly hibernating all the unuseful apps which are running in the background.

5) Root Uninstaller

Top 5 Root Apps
Android app on Google Play
If you as an Android user don’t like stock or system applications then this app is made just for you.Root uninstaller can freeze pre-installed applications on your device thus making your job easier to remove them.Using Root Uninstaller you can uninstall system applications,freeze or disable bloatware,backup system applications and you can even reset applications to fresh install state.

So these were Top 5 Root Apps and I hove you like it and if you have something to add let us know in comments and we will be there to aid to your needs.We will be coming with more Rooting Guides and lists in the future.

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